What Is Oat Bran

Are you health conscious? Do you want to have some healthy food that will not cause any malfunction or disorder in your body? Then oat bran can be the right one for you. It is nourishing and delicious and good for health too. It has also got some medicinal values as well. But for someone who wants to know some detailed knowledge of what is oat bran for them just two lines will not suffice.

What Is Oat Bran?

  • The outer husk of the grain of oat is known as oat bran. The outer husk contains several other minerals. The barn of the grains is usually thrown away during the process of milling of the grain. However, when the bran is left on the grain then the grain is sold in the name of “whole Grain”. The bran is sold separately in case of the oat bran mainly for those people who want to have a lot of fiber intake. Other than knowing what is oat bran it is also important to know of what is oat bran cereal.
  • Oat bran cereal is the marketable form of the oat bran which is usually used by the household for preparing some great oat bran recipes.

What Does Oat Bran Look Like and What is Bran?

  • Oat bran is mainly whitish in color. Many of the people usually cannot distinguish between rolled oats and oat bran, though if they are kept one aside the other one can easily chalk out the difference. Even though we know what is oat bran, what does bran mean?
  • Bran is the firm outer layer of the grain and it is an integral part of the grain alongside the germ.
  • This bran is the most nourishing part and contains pericarp which is very important for the body. The oat bran usually does not contain much gluten and it is also useful for diabetic patients. It reduces the glucose content of the blood as well and increases metabolism. It helps in digestion.
  • So for diet chart preparation along with wheat bran, which is another important nutritious cereal, this oat bran is also kept. It also helps in losing weight as well.
  • For children and older aged people, the oat bran is highly useful.
  • It can be used in preparation of breads and pancakes and thus it can be easily taken inside the body.

Overall, oat bran is one of the best nutritious foods that you can take to keep your body healthy and fit. It is fairly easy to incorporate oat bran to numerous recipes such as bread, muffins, pancakes, cakes, cookies and so on. Try it today and live a healthier lifestyle!