Healthy and Tasty Oat Bran Recipes

Healthy food is extremely essential in our everyday life when we consider the amount of exertion that we have to undergo regularly. One must be cautious with the food you eat everyday and should not intake any food that has the potential to cause harm to the body.

Oat bran is one of the healthiest foods available in the market. It provides numerous benefits to our system. Oat bran helps in digestion and also increases metabolism. It is very useful in losing weight and lowering cholesterol as well. The oat bran recipes are simple and the food is quite easy to prepare. One must know the oat bran recipes properly in order to prepare them perfectly. Some of the most popular and healthy oat bran recipes are given below.


Popular and Simple Oat Bran Recipes

  • The oat bran muffin recipes are quite easy and simple. Oat bran, flour, baking powder, brown sugar, salt and soda is to be mixed together. After this egg, applesauce and vegetable oil is added with it and mixed well. The mixture is to be put inside muffin cups and baked for fifteen minutes and a temperature of 205 degrees Celsius. You can get various versions of this recipe online. Hence, you can make your own rendition of this simple oat bran muffin recipe and call it your own!
  • In case of oat bran bread recipes the ingredients required are brown sugar, milk, water, salt, oat bran, yeast, flour and shortening. Yeast is dissolved in a little warm water. Sugar, salt, flour, oat bran, milk and melted shortening is added and mixed properly. The moist dough is allowed to grow. It is baked for forty minutes at a temperature of 175 degrees Celsius.
  • The oat bran cereal recipes are probably the simplest of them all. The ingredients are oat bran, sugar substitute, prunes, ground cinnamon and water. All the ingredients are taken together and blended properly. They are boiled and oat bran is mixed with them at the same time. The whole mixture is boiled for a minimum amount of time say two minutes.


The above are a very few of the actual number of oat bran recipes that can be prepared. Nevertheless these are certainly the best and the most popular ones. The wheat bran is also a very healthy product and is extremely beneficial. The bran is the outer layer cover of the products like oat and wheat. When the wheat or oat is processed the outer layer becomes a bi-product which is actually very beneficial for health purposes. It might delight you to know that wheat bran can substitute oat bran for your oat bran recipes at some extent. Hence, a little research is required to make sure you get a successful outcome.

In times of great physical and mental exhaustion ingredients like oat bran are of huge benefits. They certainly provide the necessary strength and energy to the people who are having them. The oat bran recipes are indeed healthy as well as tasty.